Accredited Canadian Language School Group For Sale (No 1094CDN)

Our client owns a well-established Canadian language school group offering a number of high quality programs (Junior, Academic English, Test Prep, Pathway, CELTA, TESOL, Home Study, Working Holiday, & Adult ESL). Their schools consistently maintain national accreditation & provincial status, ensuring they`re on the list of Designated Learning Institutions with Citizenship & Immigration Canada. Their schools are also recognized by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau in Ottawa & are in good standing to receive scholarship students. Their campuses are fully updated with attractive facilities & custom designed classrooms, student lounges, & admin areas, etc. along with central locations & transit access. The schools will reach +$4m revenue & EBITDA of +$500K in 2015 & conservatively projected to reach $4.7m revenue & $750K EBITDA in 2016 -- demonstrating consistent & stable profits y-o-y Overall, their schools are in remarkable shape for consistent growth & profitability, & current ownership has positioned their schools to maximize profits & revenue growth for new ownership. Our client also owns additional language schools in other North America cities that are being listed separately for sale (Contact HEG for further info).   

Key Features Include:

  • Growing Canadian Language School Group in high profile markets.
  • Consistently Maintaining Accreditation & Provincial Approvals.
  • Offering High Quality Programs (Junior, Academic English, Test Preparation, Pathway, CELTA, TESOL, Home Study, Working Holiday, Adult ESL).
  • Growing & Profitable Modern Language Program providing steady revenue.
  • Growing Pathway Program with universities & colleges across Canada.
  • Modern & Bright Facilities in heart of vibrant downtown locations near major transit lines & student housing.
  • Growing Profits to reach +$4.1m revenue & $500K EBITDA in 2015 & forecast to reach $4.6m revenue & $700K EBITDA in 2016.
  • Well-Developed Agent Relationships with key agents in various markets.
  • Extremely Profitable & Efficient Operation with consistent margins.
  • Ownership Positioned Schools to Maximize Profits & Revenue growth.

The schools are recognized as a premium language school group in the Canadian market and positioned for continued growth . Everything is in place for new ownership to take the schools to the next level and benefit from an exceptional turn-key operation with full accreditation & continued y-o-y enrollment growth and profits. 

Next Step

Please contact HEG if you'd like to know more about the school group. This is a highly coveted & limited opportunity for a privately held school group in a high demand market. Please refer to School No. 1094CDN in your communications with HEG directly by email or calling HEG directly at +1.604.868.0002.

If you're considering the sale of your own school (be it for-profit or non-profit) & would like to know more about how our firm could be of assistance, please send a confidential email directly to our President, Douglas Halladay.  
To your success,

Douglas Halladay
Halladay Education Group