Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning Process

Strategic planning, when done right, does not have to be frustrating, unproductive, costly, or divert the energies of your school’s leadership. If developed properly, the process will stimulate community support and focus resources for your school’s continued development and provide a clear competitive advantage and business model aligned to your mission and inspires your community. The purpose of your strategic plan is to lay out a road map to achieve your mission and vision; moving away from being “reactive” – solving today’s problems – towards being “proactive” – eliminating problems in the future and taking advantage of opportunities. Your plan should provide a framework that enables your school to focus and coordinate your resources, work towards common goals, assess and adjust as you move forward, and focus your board’s priorities and inspire your staff and community. The planning process addresses a series of questions that examine assumptions, incorporate information about the present, and anticipate the world in which the school will be working and determine how you will get there. It asks:

  1. Where is your school now?
  2. Where do you want your school to be?
  3. How does your school get there?
  4. How does your school measure progress and know you’ve gotten to your destination?

Our planning approach results in both the “compass” and “road map” to support your school in the development and implementation of a measurable plan to focus school improvement; maximizing educational, operational, governance, and financial performance while linking priorities of the Board with Senior Administration’s within an Action and Operational Plan. The diagram below illustrates key elements of our planning process.

Strategic Planning Approach

Our planning approach typically encompasses a series of onsite retreats and optional focus groups over a six to eight month period, culminating in the development of your strategic plan and action plan for implementation in the coming school year. The resulting plan will provide recommendations for the ongoing development by maximizing your school’s strengths, anticipating challenges, reducing weaknesses, and developing proactive strategies to improve your school’s performance. All of which can be customized to your requirements and pricing. Provided below is an overview of the stages of our planning approach. Stages 1 and 2 complete an analysis of the current structure and operation of the Catholic schools in the school and identify the key issues to be addressed. Stages 3 to 5 define the recommendations for development of long- and short-term goals and objectives to enable your school to best accomplish your mission for the next five to ten years.

Listed below is an overview of the methodology and steps HEG uses to develop your school’s strategic plan:

  1. Project Set-Up: Confirm Scope Of Planning Process
  2. Committee Development: Assemble Board Steering Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, & Focus Groups
  3. Assess Environment (Focus Groups & Surveys): Gather Data & Perceptions On School Performance & Factors Impacting School
  4. Strategy Development (Conduct Retreat #1: To Develop Mission, Vision, Core Values, Goals, & Objectives
  5. Action Plan Development: (Conduct Retreat #2): To Develop Tasks To Achieve Goals And Objectives, Identifying Timelines, Roles, Costs, & Measurable Indicators Of Performance
  6. Online Survey (Community Feedback On Draft Plan): Gauge stakeholder reaction to draft strategic plan draft (mission, vision, goals, objectives)
  7. Finalization & Approval: Board Approves Final Version of Strategic Plan (Mission, Vision, Core Values, Goals, & Objectives) & Prepares For Public Presentation
  8. Implementation: Board & Administration Prepare and Execute Plan (Strategic, Action, And Operation) & Monitor Results
  9. Monitor & Revise: Assess Results & Adjust Plan Annually

Education Consulting Services - Stategic Planning

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What people are saying

His Experience And Expertise Have Been Invaluable...

Harbert Hills Academy retained Doug Halladay, of Halladay Education Group, to assist us with developing a five year strategic plan. Mr. Halladay met on site with us on three different occasions over a period of four months. During these sessions Mr. Halladay led us through the process of determining where we were and where we wanted to be and then assisted us with developing appropriate goals, objectives, and actions plans. The timelines developed in the beginning of the process have been met in each case. Mr. Halladay's experience and expertise have been invaluable in helping us to complete our Strategic Plan. He was sensitive to our unique philosophy and needs and worked well with our diverse constituency. I highly recommend Mr. Halladay and his firm Halladay Education Group.

Steve Dickman, President, Harbert Hills Academy

Flexible In Meeting Our Needs...

It is my honor to be able to recommend Douglas Halladay from Halladay Education Group to you for your consulting needs. Doug facilitated our strategic planning session...He managed to bring us to a completed draft document for our full board's approval in just three days of intense but exhilarating work. His knowledge of schools, curriculum, staffing, financing, communications, and the overall improvement process earned everyone's respect and admiration on day one. His sense of humor was just right in all social settings. He was flexible in meeting our needs and demands, often skillfully shifting gears to keep us on task and productive. I strongly encourage you to discuss your planning needs with Douglas Halladay, if you want a powerful strategic plan for your school.

Leo Corriveau, PH.D., Superintendent of Schools, Mascenic Regional School District

Quickly Evolved A Visionary Plan...

With vision and leadership, Doug quickly evolved a strategic plan in collaboration with the school's board. The plan reaffirmed the long history of Queen Margaret's as a fine girls' preparatory school but created a new emphasis on the education of the whole student: scholastic, the arts, athletics and citizenship. The strategic plan also addressed the school's finances and upon the basis of related business models, a whole new approach to setting tuition fees was evolved.

Mark Moore, Business Manager, QMS, Canada

Recent Strategic Plans & Clients

Provided below is a list of districts and schools HEG has completed strategic plans for
Forest Lake Education Centre
Longview, Florida
Grades PreK-8, Private, Non-Profit, Adventist Day School (larges in US)

Harbert Hills Academy
Savannah, Tennessee
Grades 8-12 ,Private, Non-Profit, Religious Day/Boarding School

Sacred Heart School
Delta, British Columbia
Grades K-7, Independent Catholic Non-Profit  Day School

International School of Ulaanbaatar
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Grades PreK-12, Private, Non-Profit, International Baccalaureate Day School

North Jakarta International School
Jakarta, Indonesia
Grades PreK-12, Private, For Profit, International Day School

Metropolitan School Of Panama
Panama City, Panama
Grades PreK-12, Private, For Profit, International Baccalaureate Day School

King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz Public Education Development Project
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Development of the National K-12 education strategic plan for Saudi Arabia

Mascenic Independent School District
Mascenic, New Hampshire
Grades K-12, Independent School Districtg

Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative School District
Wilton, New Hampshire
Independent K-12 School District

Queen Margaret's School (QMC)
Duncan, British Columbia
Grades K-12, Private, Non-Profit Day/Boarding Preparatory School

West Point Grey Academy
Vancouver, British Columbia
Grades PreK-12, Private, Non-Profit Day Preparatory School

Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School
Kelowna, British Columbia
GradesK-11, Private, Non-Profit Day Preparatory School
Recent Strategic Plans


Our President, Douglas Halladay, has led the development of numerous strategic plans for private schools world-wide. Provided below are downloadable links to a number strategic plans we have developed for private schools (A number also include their action plans). Click on the school to open a link to their strategic plan:

International School Ulaanbaatar Strategic Plan and Action Plan

Forest Lake Education Center Strategic Plan

Mascenic School District Strategic Plan

Queen Margarets School Strategic Plan

Sacred Heart School Strategic Plan

Harbert Hills Academy Strategic Plan

If you are interested in our school formation consulting services and would like to receive written material about HEG, or would like to discuss your particular needs, please contact HEG directly to find out more about our services. You can set this up by sending an email to or calling directly at +1-800-687-1492. We invite you to continue browsing our web site.

Strategic Planning Toolkit

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Strategic Planning Toolkit

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What we’ve done with the Strategic Planning Toolkit is take the best of every model and system there is on strategic planning, answer every question there is, and provides the most complete blueprint to develop, implement, monitor, and revise the strategic plan for your private school. It will be your complete roadmap to success that will show you exactly how to develop your, publish, and implement your plan, step by step. What we're doing is giving you the blueprint and recipe to complete your entire plan (you get me in a box). Click on the link below to buy your Toolkit now and download it right away in a easy to use digital package. This Toolkit contains our comprehensive digital Workbook, Manual, Power Point presentation allowing you to effectively facilitate your own planning process, our Inner Circle MP3 Presentation on strategic planning, a complete set of worksheets to walk you through the entire strategic planning process, and your own limited set of eBooks on the "10 Steps To School Success". The toolkit includes downloadable digital PDF's and MP3:
  1. Strategic Planning PDF Manual That Provides Step-By-Step Instructions To Develop Your Own Plan
  2. Strategic Planning PDF Workbook With Helpful Worksheets And Examples That Help To You Work Your Way Through Your Plan
  3. Strategic Planning PowerPoint PDF Presentation Walking You Step-By-Step Through the Planning Process
  4. Strategic Planning Start-Up MP3 and PDF Transcript That Provides You With An Audio Step-By-Step Jumpstart to Planning
Follow our step-by-step system to developing your school's strategic plan. You'll use this toolkit so much that we recommend you clear a nice big space for it within arm's reach of your office chair. It'll fast become your favorite go-to-guide every time you're planning to plan.

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