Appearances and Speaking Engagements

Appearances & Speaking Engagements

If your organization or conference is seeking a key note speaker, please do not hesitate to consider our firm's President, Douglas Halladay

During Mr. Halladay's career as education consultant and school leader, he has built on and expanded the vision and strategic plan of the organizations he has led, adapting to new organizational norms and standards, working with a variety of partners, spearheading growth in program results and financial performance. He has considerable experience as an education consultant, CEO, Head of School, Superintendent, Senior Curriculum and Resources Coordinator, Senior Vice-President of Educational Programs, Deputy Head, School Director, and Teacher.

Over the past 24 years he has helped many private and public schools and for- and non-profits around the world operate and manage their organizations more effectively. Before starting Halladay Education Group, he was the:

  • Superintendent of a Private School Group in Canada and the USA
  • Head of Queen Margaret's School on Vancouver Island
  • Head of Fraser Academy in Vancouver
  • Founding Deputy Head and Senior School Director at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver
  • Senior Managing Curriculum and Resources Coordinator with B.C.’s Ministry of Education
  • K-12 Teacher

His speaking topics and workshops at Conferences and at Board of Trustee meetings as a guest speaker include:

  • 5 Things You Need To Know About Leading Today's Small School: Evaluate your own school and develop your plan for the future
  • 7 Board Governance Mistakes (and how to avoid them): Fundamentals of Good Practice and Case Studies for New and Experienced Trustees
  • Secrets of Schools With Stable Leadership: The Patterns and Powerful Correlation Worldwide Between School Effectiveness and the Longevity and Legacy of Heads
  • Strategic Planning - 10 Steps To School Success: Choose the Approach that Suits Your School Climate and create the fabric that ties your school's administration together in a measurable process
  • 7 Secrets of Effective School Performance: Learn more about the principles and practices of effective schools and leaders
  • International Programs - Where Do You Start: Does your school recruit international students. Learn more about how to do it or refine your current program
  • The Head - Chair Relationship: Governance Perspectives Worldwide
  • Crisis What Crisis - Are You Prepared?: Is your school ready for the next big crisis? Find out more about how to put together proactive plans together
  • 14 Steps To An Independent School Formation: Step-by-step process in independent school formation
  • Do Your School Handbooks Make Sense?: What goes into your handbooks defines your school's culture and boundaries of constituent behavior.
  • How To Value And Prepare Your School For Sale?

Here are a few comments from attendees at his last conference presentation:

“Clear, incisive, thoughtful and educational –- lots of really structured information for non-profits. I would absolutely recommend that organizations with concerns about board development and organizational capacity building take the opportunity to attend the workshop. It was an exceptional learning outcome.” – John Rice (District of North Vancouver)

“An invaluable resource and much needed first step”
– Caroline Farquhar (Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists)

“I learned a lot that I wish I knew several committees ago. I found it very informative in its breakdown and detailed consideration of relevant governance issues
– Monica Craver (Municipal Citizens Advisory Committee)

“I would recommend this workshop. It demonstrated the importance of strategic planning and how to implement with the CEO and Board an effective working relationship…10 out of 10!”
– Peggy Heywood (North Vancouver Arts Council)

Very well presented, clear, useful information”
– Janet Moi (North Vancouver Community Arts Council)

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