Starting A School

Starting Your Own Private School ?

The mechanics of starting your own private independent school or career college can be extremely challenging for any group of school founders.

In today's complicated education environment, the need to work smarter and be ready for day one of private school operation is critical and can't be recreated. With proper pre-planning and controls in place over a projects life cycle, founding groups can be better prepared to start the private school of their vision, and manage costs and project development efficiently and effectively, establishing the foundation for a legacy school.

We can help you start a variety of private school types (e.g., day, boarding, for profit, non profit, special needs, single gender US, Canadian, UK, IB, National, elite sports), from K-12 Private Schools to Post Secondary Institutions that offer certificates, diplomas, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. We can also help you transition your existing school to provide additional grades or programs.

Halladay Education Group is a dynamic and experienced education consulting firm dedicated to providing customized solutions to start your own private post K-12 or secondary institution and/or programs. With our collective experience of specialized professionals in the global education sector and supporting services, and our knowledge and wisdom in starting and leading schools, we can guide you through the enormous challenges you will most certainly face.

Why should you take on the pitfalls and stress that every group faces in starting a new private institution, when you can utilize our services and focus on the big picture – making your dream a reality. As you can understand, the tasks required to start a private post secondary program or institution are extensive and specific to their unique education sector, and can be costly if not implemented correctly – in relation to profits, recognition, and the long-term implementation of your programs.

By utilizing our services and wisdom, we add value in many ways – you take advantage of professionals who have a proven background in leading schools who are experienced in the mechanics of institutional formation. With our know-how, we can put together a solid plan, and assist you with meeting regulatory requirements, maximize enrollment, align your decisions with your vision, and ensure that your mission is achieved. Ultimately, you will also build on this success in all other areas of your supporting programs.

HEG's mission is to 'Help You Achieve Greater Success.' We want to become your trusted adviser, as invested in your future as you are. Halladay Education Group’s services will assist your founding Board and Team with the critical elements needed to start and expand your new school. We can assist you from beginning to completion, sharing our expertise with:

  • Developing a compelling, laser-like Vision
  • Creating your Strategic Plan, Mission, Values, Goals, and Operational Plan
  • Developing the Business Plan and Target Market
  • Coordinating your Legal Team with respect to your Non-Profit Status, Licensing, Bylaws, Constitution, and Incorporation
  • Building Credibility and Awareness in your Extended Community
  • Recruiting and Educating the Board and Senior Administration on Exceptional Leadership, Governance, and Team-Building
  • Marketing Research to Ensure the Vision Meets Community Demand
  • Supporting Development of the Facility Needs, Design, Site Search, and Lease/Purchase
  • Identifying Personnel Needs, Executive Search, Staff Recruiting, Job Descriptions, and Contracts
  • Ongoing Evaluation and Support for the CEO and Board
  • Establishing a Faculty Appraisal System and Professional Development Plans
  • Building the Education Program
  • Determining Combinations for Initial Programs and Phase-In Stages
  • Developing the Marketing Plan to Drive Enrollment, Public Relations, Competitive Positioning, and Admissions Process
  • Supporting the Development of a Strategic Financial Plan for the Formation and Operational Stages
  • Devising School Schedule and Timetable
  • Establishing the Student Management, Record Storage, Accounting, and/or Reporting Systems
  • Supporting the Procurement Process
  • Preparing Policy Manuals for Staff, Students, and Parents Establishing Timelines and Project Management System in Formation Stage

Our School Formation services will help a founding board with all the basic elements necessary to open a new school. HEG can assist you from beginning to completion, or simply share our topic-specific expertise.

Five Reasons To Use Our Firm

Halladay Education Group Inc. is the leader in school formation. We take pride in assisting people like you start the school of your dreams. Here are five good reasons why you should stop procrastinating and call us now for a free 1-on-1 60 minute consultation certificate.

Reason #1: Halladay Education Group Inc. has experience starting private schools…lots of it. I and my associates have combined to start more than a dozen independent schools. We have hundred of years of experience starting and leading independent schools. We are the leaders in this market.

Reason #2: This experience means that we know the best way to start a new private school and can apply best practices to ensure that the client’s school has the best educational programs possible…that is the reason you open a school…great educational learning experiences.

Reason #3: Our fees are more than recovered through our economies of scale and attracting more qualified students to the client’s private school. So you get more students, better students, and more revenue.

Reason #4: We can structure the private school to ensure that the client has the possibility to recover all of their investment costs with interest. You get the school you want, and still get your money back. That’s the best of both worlds!!!

Reason #5: You’re not alone. We’ve been there…as Heads, Principals, Business Officers, Fundraisers, Marketers, Educators, Builders, Buyers….The list goes on and on. But would you go to a doctor that has never had a patient before? No, probably not. Why would prospective parents invest their money and their child’s education in your school, when you and your founders have NO experience? They wouldn’t.

Our Senior Associates have, as part of our collective experience, been involved in helping to start, develop, and/or lead a variety of prestigious private K-12 private schools and post secondary institutions. Here are a few of our associate's projects:

Benefit to You

As you can see, the tasks required to start a school are extensive and specific to this unique education sector, and can be costly if not implemented correctly. By utilizing our services, we add value in many ways ‑‑ you take advantage of professionals who have a proven background in leading independent schools and are experienced in the mechanics of starting schools. With our know-how, we can put together a solid business plan, maximize enrollment and fundraising, align your decisions with your vision, and ensure that your new staff supports your mission. Ultimately, you will build on this success in all other areas. This in turn will allow you to:

  • Save money
  • Develop a solid business and strategic plan
  • Maximize your enrollment and revenues
  • Find the best school leader and staff possible
  • Recruit the best board possible and have them govern effectively
  • Develop credibility and awareness in your community
  • Put together a fantastic facility that matches your vision
  • Establish ground breaking educational programs
  • Open your doors on time and under budget
  • Fund raise the funds you need to make your dream a reality
  • Always be there to deal with the problems and know the answer

Next Step

We would like to help you start the school of your dreams. The simplest way to do this is to select one the following steps and contact us by phone (1-604-868-0002) or by email

FREE CONSULTATION: Hold a F-R-E-E 1-on-1 30 minute telephone consultation to find out more about your project. We can help you get started on the right foot and help you understand where to go to first. This can be can set up just by replying to this email (valued at $399).

FEASIBILITY & BLUEPRINT SESSION: Hold a 1-day Feasibility and Blueprint Session where we initiate a feasibility analysis of your school’s vision, a financial profile, and develop a comprehensive report, recommendations, and action plan that you can use as a blueprint to move forward with your project

OVERVIEW MEETING: We can arrange to meet with you and your founding team to go over the critical elements needed to start your school and is needed to ensure that you are headed in the right direction and you have a road map to make it to that destination.

DEVELOP YOUR BUSINESS PLAN: In many cases, founders need a detailed Business Plan to assist them approaching investors to provide the capital needed to fund the formation of their school and cover potential shortfalls in the first few years of operation. We can assist this with developing a comprehensive business plan that covers all the financial details needed to start and operate your school.

FORMATION CONTRACT: When you are ready, we can tailor a proposal of our services specifically for your formation project that will assist you with the entire process of starting your school. Please note that the fee we charge for the 1- or 2-day meeting will be directly discounted from this contract.

MONTHLY RETAINER/COACH: Many founding groups feel that they have the internal staff to handle the critical elements in starting their own own school, but like many, they want to have a coach to go to when they have questions or have hit a wall. We can make arrangements to set aside as many days/hours per month so that you can bounce ideas and questions off of us, or determine what the next step is

If you would like more information about how to start a school, or project assistance with starting a private school, don’t wait…let’s make it happen!! Please call HEG at +1-800-687-1492 or email me at to take the next step.