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International Education Development Consulting Services

Education & Training are Our Two Core Competencies

The traditional approach to education reform in developing countries has focused too often on a "bricks, books, and mortar" approach in which outsiders bring resources into a weak school system. HEG's approach brings with it the issue of readiness: Learning environments need to reach a certain level of readiness before they can absorb and benefit from an infusion of resources. We work with our funders and in-country educators and policymakers to improve classroom practice and school management, while addressing issues of resources and system structure.

HEG provides expert consulting services within most elements of the education system, in particular, primary and secondary education and education sector reform projects. Our services include teacher training, curriculum development, education management information systems (EMIS) and the development of teacher and learning materials. In the course of the past 10 years, we developed special competencies in girl's education and inclusive education. We are specialized in the delivery of large, multi-component and complex education projects in developing countries.

We provide the full range of services related to tailor-made training programs, including Training Needs Analysis, Curriculum Development, training delivery, training monitoring and evaluation.

Monitoring and Evaluation of National Education Projects

HEG's practice has grown to respond to the needs of development organizations concerned about the cost-effectiveness and impact of their assistance programs. HEG's monitoring and evaluation services include:

  • Developing performance monitoring plans
  • Identifying and setting indicators for performance tracking
  • Collecting and analyzing data for indicator measurement
  • Conducting ex-post project and program impact evaluations

HEG's global expertise ranges from developing performance monitoring plans (PMPs) under tremendously difficult conditions and short time frames for education rehabilitation projects, to setting indicators and collecting and analyzing baseline data in new cutting edge technical areas such as school-related gender-based violence.

Teacher Training

Teachers are the skilled technicians of the education sector. It is their competence that determines whether schoolchildren actually learn. They develop their teaching skills through professional training prior to employment and later receive continuous on-the-job training through teacher-upgrading programs. Optimal classroom conditions, however, can only be ensured through the combination of competent teachers and good teaching and learning materials.

That is why HEG focuses on both training teachers and developing teaching materials. To improve primary school learning in the short and medium term, we start with teacher upgrading in order to quickly reach the whole body of teachers. For long-term sustainable improvement, we offer advisory assistance in teacher training. Projects which coordinate both kinds of measures achieve the best results.

Our advisory assistance includes the establishment and management of large-scale teacher training programs, as well as upgrading local staff in the management, teaching techniques and methodology of such programs. We also offer conceptual advising in planning the reform of teacher training, always linked to quality and impact monitoring. This monitoring extends on into the classroom, where the effects of enhanced teaching skills can be seen most clearly.

Benefit To You

Like medical and legal professionals, educators need and deserve access to continual and high-quality professional education. HEG develops, implements, and evaluates professional development programs for teachers and administrators at every stage of their career growth-from university-based, pre-service programs to continuing education programs integrated into the daily work of experienced teachers. Many of our professional development projects focus on helping teachers and administrators deepen their content knowledge through immersion in rigorous challenges and close analysis of student work. Many of our global projects focus on helping educators integrate active learning approaches into more traditional classroom practices. On a broader level, we work to restructure professional development systems by creating "communities of practice" within and among schools.

Next Step

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