Start-A-School Toolkit

How-To-Start A School Toolkit

"Are You Still Struggling With How To Start Your Own K-12 School, College, Or University? Are You Unsure Of Where To Begin? You're Not Alone."

Our Start-A-School Formation Toolkit is a comprehensive Series of digital Audio MP3 Presentations and ebook Handbooks that reveal the...

The fundamental building blocks of starting a school of your dreams from the ground up. You'll Find Tremendous Value in Our Incisive Toolkit that explains How To Start Your Own Private School From Scratch.

We recognize that the fundamental elements needed to start a school are challenging them and seem overwhelming and frustrating!

Our Toolkit explains how to start a school from the viewpoint of those who have started their own private schools and who understand first-hand how to put a school together efficiently and cost effectively.
And we want the same to happen for YOU.

That's why we put together this Toolkit, comprised of a series of Audio MP3 Presentations and PDF ebook digital Handbooks on the fundamentals of starting a school.

We've recorded all the presentations on MP3's and then had them transcribed and desk topped into a high quality ebook Handbooks for you and your founders to read over to grasp the critical concepts of starting a successful school.

Our Toolkit includes:

  1. Critical First Steps Of Independent School Formation
  2. 9 Secrets Of Starting A Charter School
  3. Starting A Successful Private Senior School from the Ground Up
  4. 8 Golden Rules of Starting a New Private Junior School
  5. Developing A Strategic Plan For Your New School

Start A School Toolkit - School Formation

What's In Our "Start A School" Toolkit?

  • 5 MP3 Recordings of Presentations Made By School Founders Who Share Their Hard-Earned Insight In Starting A Private School
  • 5 PDF Guidebooks Transcribed from Each Presentation


A Practical Guide To Learn The Building Blocks Of Starting A School

This is an in-depth 80 minute Audio MP3 Recording and PDF Guidebook of Greg Clark’s presentation, perhaps one of the most experienced School Formation experts in North America, who shares with you “The Critical First Steps in Starting an Independent School.” He’s been involved in starting at least 7 private PreK-12 schools in Canada and the USA, as well as many colleges. He’s been in the trenches, and knows first-hand the heartbreaking mistakes you want to avoid or you too will create immovable barriers to your success.


Learn What To Do That Guarantees Success

This is an in-depth 80 minute Audio MP3 recording and PDF Transcript of Dr. Demitrievski presentation of the critical steps to start your own Charter School. Dr. Demitrievski is one of the top School Formation experts for Charter Schools in the USA. She shared in detail the fundamentals of starting a Charter School.


Proven Secrets From A Founding Headmaster Whose Been In The Trenches

This 60 minute Audio MP3 recording and PDF Transcript of Jerry Zank’s presentation on Starting A Private Junior School. Jerry was the Head of Fisher Island School in Miami, Florida. As the founding Head, he was charged by the Board to put together the school from the ground up. If you want to learn more from a school leader with over 40 years experience, you should hear more of what an experienced Head like Jerry has to say. But remember, starting a private school involves many common it Junior, Senior, or Adult school. So the information he shares will provide allot of assistance to your project.


The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Nationally Recognized Senior School

This is a 60 minute Audio MP3 recording and PDF Transcript of Clint Wilkin’s presentation on Starting a Private Senior School. Clint is the just retired founding Head of Sage Hill School. In his presentation he shares for the first time the many secrets of how he and his board started their private, university prep high school in Newport Beach, California. Clint reveals the best kept secrets on how he starts Sage Hill School


Practical Step-By-Step Process To Developing Your School's Strategic Plan

It'll be a great start to putting together your strategic plan to start your school. This 60 minute Audio MP3 Recording and PDF Guidebook of my "Strategic Planning: 10 Critical Steps Success Schools" presentation, details the planning, preparation, and execution of a strategic plan to support the formation of your private school. Find out how to start the process, ensure the effectiveness of the exercise and bring your community together as you form the future vision of your school. Hear about the benefits, critical elements of the plan, what it can accomplish for your school and how to integrate it into your everyday school activities. Also find out how it can significantly impact upon fundraising and tuition fee levels. Learn the 10 steps to school success.

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