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Private School Board Governance Consulting Services And Workshops

Are you looking for a Governance Workshop to Improve your Non-Profit's Board Governance Performance?

If you're finding it difficult, you are not alone. During the past 15 years, we've worked with many independent schools such as PreK-12 University Preparatory, Special Needs, Single Gender, Co-Ed, International, Boarding, and ESL. They're all trying to develop a Board Governance model that focuses trustees on the critical elements of exceptional boards, but they weren't firing on all cylinders.

The Solution is HEG's Board Performance Workshop and Online Survey

If your board isn’t performing as effectively as you expect, or you want to make it even better, you’re not alone. Maybe, like others, you simply need to convey to your board the right approach for them to lead effectively and where to focus their improvement. Our proven workshop will uncover new ways to support your trustees to become lead more effectively and help your school to become a better academic and operational institution.

As the Chair, Trustee, or Senior Administrator of a Private School, does your board experience any of the following:

  • Trustee behaviour that is unproductive and not aligned with your mission;
  • Board agenda that is controlled by crisis rather than a clear vision;
  • Board committees that exist only because they have always been there, not because they’re needed;
  • No link between budget, tuition setting, or a long-term plan;
  • Blurring of boundaries and channels between the roles of the Board and Administration;
  • Unsure of how to move your Board and school to the next level;
  • Board commitment greater than you would like it to be and has become too taxing and stressful; Inability to attract and keep good trustees.

If one or more (maybe all) of these issues applies to you, and you recognize that you really deserve to work with an effective, positive board of governors, and you would like to do something about it,  then you should consider our popular workshop and online evaluation survey.

Do You Have An Effective Board?

You know it and can see it -- exceptional boards stand out. But what makes these boards tick? What’s their secret? They seem to have a reputation for rising to another level; retaining and attracting strong leaders; a waiting list for membership; results through an engaging vision; and exceeding their fundraising campaigns. But what do they have in common? Exceptional boards go beyond just the basics of governance -- they add lasting value to their school and mission. Don’t feel lost though; Exceptional boards have a common set of attributes that clearly separates them from other boards, and these can be addressed in our workshop.

Does Your Board Have the Following Attributes?

  • Mission Focused
  • Strategic
  • Interdependent
  • Focused on Results
  • Diligent
  • Analytical
  • Autonomous
  • Transparent
  • Resourceful
  • Follow Best Practices
  • Self-Developing
  • Renewing

How did you do? How many of the attributes did your board of governors score? Did you score 12 out of 12? You may not be expected to have all of these in play right now, but you need to focus on having a system in place that will elevate you to the next stage. Exceptional boards go beyond the basics of governance. Exceptional board governance is a balance between roles – an oversight body with a fiduciary responsibility to detect and prevent problems and create lasting value to the school and its vision. These attributes separate Exceptional boards from the ordinary.

Are Elements of Exceptional Boards Achievable?

After reading the list, do you think the elements of exceptional boards are attainable to just the chosen few? NO. Can your present board’s performance improve? YES. But what can you do to ensure that your board improves or remains at peak performance and enjoys greater success and satisfaction? Can YOU achieve these attributes…YES…but with a proper model and coaching. Good habits don't happen overnight.

Unfortunately, most boards are too caught up in the daily business of their school to take the time to reflect on their own performance and HOW to improve. The key to measurable improvement is HEG's BOARD PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP, which offers boards an opportunity to step back and determine, “How are we doing?” and “How can we improve the way we operate measurably?” Our  workshop offers an effective model for boards to reflect on their contribution to the organization’s effectiveness and systematically determine how to strengthen the way it operates. We will work with your board – individually and as a group – for the one-day, to identify the strengths and weakness of your board’s performance and fundamental and advanced strategies for exceptional board governance.

Main Components Of Our Board Performance Workshop

  • You’re provided use of a confidential Online Board Self-Assessment Survey for each board member to complete that analyzes critical governance issues (It can also be expanded to other staff)
  • An in-depth analysis of the survey-questionnaire in a detailed report to each trustee to identify the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats to the boards’ performance and the school
  • A workshop where the issues that arise from the questionnaire and interviews are analyzed and resolved
  • Participation in relevant case studies that review Best Board Practices
  • Facilitated workshop that assists the board in developing an action plan to close the performance gap
  • A report that summarizes the survey results and your action plan for improved board performance
  • A written summary of the board’s key issues and the resulting action plans

The Customized Board Performance Workshop and Survey create a huge Bull’s Eye to focus Improvement in your Board’s Performance. We will…

  1. Assess and fine tune your board’s performance by identifying the critical issues hindering performance
  2. Receive an exhaustive 360° online Board Performance Self-Assessment Survey based on years of research that assesses your board’s performance vs. established pillars of exceptional boards
  3. Acquire a profile of your board’s performance based on candid, confidential responses to the survey, which in turn provide guidance in fine-tuning the board’s role and performance
  4. Receive rapid distribution of your online survey questions and results…this will help your board function better and contribute to your organization’s improved performance and its mission
  5. Receive a “Summative Board Performance Report,” providing a comprehensive overview of the board’s survey results and plan of action in your school
  6. Allow board members to candidly discuss and reach consensus on important issues surrounding governance and lay the groundwork for improvement in board performance
  7. Participate in relevant case scenarios and exercises that highlight best board practices
  8. Identify critical issues before they become a crisis and establish a positive school environment
  9. Develop and energize your Board — ensuring a common vision, utilizing talent, and stability

But Wait…There’s More!

When You Take The Workshop, Your Board Will Walk Away With a Different Outlook And Advantages Such As…

  1. Identifying critical areas of board operation that need attention and using it as a springboard to strengthen board performance
  2. Assessing progress towards existing plans, goals, and objectives
  3. Better preparation for a Strategic Plan or major Fundraising Campaigns
  4. Serving as an effective orientation and inclusion process for new board members
  5. Building trust, respect, teamwork, and communication amongst board members and the Head
  6. Clarifying the respective roles of the board and staff
  7. Gaining credibility for the organization amongst donors to support fundraising
  8. Ensuring that all board members have a shared understanding of the board’s roles and responsibilities
  9. Enabling individual board members to work more effectively as part of the team
  10. Identifying and reaching consensus on critical issues before they become a crisis
  11. Building a stronger Head-Board relationship

You Have The Keys To Unlock Your Board's Performance

You have the keys sitting right there in front of you – you just need to reach out and unlock the unlimited success of your board. Furthermore, you clearly know that there are areas in your board’s performance that need to improve to create a “blue ribbon” school, but you’re hesitating. Well, this isn’t the time to wait! You have the chance right now to create the blueprint for an exceptional board, and become a top institution…with focused trustees, a waiting list for board membership, empowered staff, focused directors, energized administration, happy, and proud parents who brag about their child’s school (remember word-of-mouth is still the #1 recruiting tool). And research indicates that top schools have top boards.

Next Step

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