New Board Orientation

New Board Orientation & Workshops for Private Schools & Non-Profits

Effective Private Schools Depend on Effective Board Governance

What better way to bring on your new board members than a new board orientation workshop.

Every year most private schools and non-profits experience a shift in the membership of their Board of Governors. While planned turnover is normally good for an organization, bringing new ideas and viewpoints into board meetings, it does invoke a need to effectively orient new board members in reference to the school's mission, vision, and strategic plan, as well as the board's roles and responsibilities.

Additionally, it is vital to the effectiveness of a private school or non-profit board that there be a program designed for the purpose of educating the board about issues that will, in all likelihood, impact the board's decisions and strategic direction.

Benefits to You

Halladay Education Group can draw upon our many years of private school governance experience by providing an orientation and education program and workshop for new private school trustees. As a result, you have governors of private-independent schools and non-profits who are more focused on the mission of the school and understand their roles and boundaries.

Next Step

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