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Selling Your K-12 Private School, Boarding High School, Career College, University or Language School

The  Industry Leader in Private School Sales In North America

HEG works with school owners across the USA, Canada, and internationally advising them with the sale of their private school. We research and assemble the profile of an extensive list of potential buyers that are interested in purchasing schools in a variety of markets and types and advise with the sale, including:

HEG has a proven track record advising school owners in connection with researching the profile of potential buyers and the successful sale of their school. Our hands-on process is handled with the strictest confidentiality and minimum intrusion in the school’s operation. We work with a range of schools in Canada, USA, and Internationally. These range from K-12 prep schools, boarding high schools, and ESL schools, to  colleges, universities, or education-sector businesses. We receive a constant flow of potential buyers we profile as a result of our extensive networking in the education market and an increasing number by word-of-mouth. To ensure that the list of buyers is still active, we regularly update our information about their requirements.

We Make It Easy To Complete The Sale Of Your Private School

We advise school owners through the challenges of a merger, acquisition, or divestiture and coordinate with various parties through the transaction. Our consulting services support a transaction structure that maximizes the value of the school for the ownership group to ensure that they meet their objectives. Our team has a successful track record assisting school owners to find qualified buyers and supporting them with the sale of their school in regard to:

  1. QUALIFIED BUYERS: We research the profile of potential buyers that may be the most suitable buyer(s) for business owners through our extensive and qualified list
  2. TURN-KEY SERVICES: We take the advisory lead regarding the key steps involved with the sale of your school.
  3. MAXIMUM VALUE: Our industry leading knowledge provides you with the highest selling price and best terms possible.
  4. CONFIDENTIAL: Our approach is handled with the strictest of confidentiality and minimum intrusion in your school’s operation.

Preliminary School Valuation Analysis

HEG provides preliminary valuation analysis advice regarding your school. We advise on the market-based selling price and assess the likelihood of realizing it in your marketplace.

What Our School Sales Services Include

Our consulting services include an analysis of your potential market value, custom-tailored marketing plans, analysis of offers, and consulting services throughout the entire process, including:

  1. We provide the ownership group a list of pre-screened prospective buyers that are interested in acquiring schools. This includes strategic corporate buyers for platform or add-on acquisitions, high net-worth individuals, private equity firms, and other qualified parties interested in the school sector.
  2. We advise on the selection and screening of the candidates.
  3. We assist with streamlining the transaction process for the seller.
  4. Our assessment process includes either an onsite visit to your school or we will seek your assistance in creating an objective assessment.

Next Step to Selling Your School

So that we can better assist you regarding your interest in selling your K-12 private school, post secondary institution, college, language school, or educational business, or find out what your school could be worth in today’s marketplace, please complete the form below and will make arrangements to contact you confidentially. Do not hesitate to contact HEG if you would like to find out more about our services. You can set this up by sending an email to or calling directly at +1-800-686-1492. Click here if you would like to see an overview of our schools for sale. We also invite you to continue browsing our website.

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