International Education Development Projects

International Education Development Projects

We provide a full Range of International Education Development Services

HEG is a strategic globally-based consulting firm that supports international education development projects, seeking to enhance the capacity of developing countries and improve the quality of life through education. HEG provides a full range of consultancy services to international funded institutions, governments, NGOs and the private sector. In collaboration with local partners we seek to:

  • Ensure children's equitable access to all levels of education
  • Improve the quality and relevance of education
  • Empower individuals, communities, and institutions as agents of social and behavioral change
  • Strengthen national education systems, increasing the involvement of communities in local schools, improving the quality of teaching and learning, developing new techniques for assessing student performance, and increasing access for both girls and boys

HEG has over three decades of experience as a management and development advisory and offers a comprehensive and distinctive set of services for international education improvement projects, including:

  • Supervising and participating in the initial development, operation, and monitoring/evaluation of Schools and Administration
  • Policy Research and Evaluation
  • Curriculum, Educational Materials, Policy, and Assessment Review, Monitoring, and Development
  • Teacher Training
  • Educational Management
  • Overseeing the Design, Implementation, and Management of International Development Projects involving Monitoring and Evaluation Strategies
  • Facilitating feasibility studies, workshops/round tables, and/or focus groups
  • Institutional Assessments and Action Plans
  • Board Governance Development, Retreats, and Leadership Workshops
  • CEO Coaching and Evaluation
  • Senior Leadership and Staffing Searches
  • School Formation, Transition, Mergers, and Institution Building
  • Private Sector Participation in Education

Our services are designed to effectively address problems and challenges facing education in a variety of international settings. Our role is to add value to the projects we manage. Typically we identify priorities, ensure true participation and allocate resources to develop real solutions to real challenges. Our work is focused and developed in participation with resource-poor communities and it is making a difference. Based on our firm's location on the Pacific Rim in Vancouver, British Columbia, we have access to a variety of countries enhanced by our diverse portfolio of services including:

  • Higher Education Development, Basic Education Development, and International Education
  • Assistance to government departments and ministries particularly Ministries of Education
  • Implementation of innovations and major initiatives for educational reform and program development
  • Technical assistance with International Development Agencies, NGO's, International Donors and Government Agencies in support of organization priorities and bilateral and unilateral programs
  • Strategic planning and technical support to International Organizations Working with a variety of donors at a senior level

HEG consultants offer a variety of international education development services in the fields of:

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary education
  • Technical and vocational education and training
  • Sector planning, system development and management
  • Education economics
  • Curriculum development and textbook design
  • Training of teachers
  • Non-formal approaches to education

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