Halladay Education Group - Code Of Business Conduct

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 Code Of Business Conduct - Halladay Education Group

Halladay Education Group ( HEG) has adopted a rigid code of business conduct based on the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and integrity. We will not jeopardize the trust of our clients through misconduct or the appearance of any questionable or inappropriate action. Specifically, we promise to:

  • Describe and represent services and fees fully and accurately in a clearly written proposal provided to our clients.
  • Undertake only those assignments for which Halladay Education Group Inc. is fully qualified.
  • Accept assignments only if Halladay Education Group can exercise full objectivity, independence, and integrity.
  • Provide reports and analyzes without distortion or omission of any relevant data.
  • Refrain from accepting assignments from direct competitors of current clients without the express permission of the current client.
  • Provide all services in a timely, cost-effective manner.
  • Disclose client information only to those persons within the client's organization whose authority and "need to know" is clearly established.
  • Follow any traditional confidentiality procedures appropriate to or required by a client.
  • Withdraw from an assignment if conditions develop that impair Halladay Education Group's ability to perform it professionally.

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