Board Governance Solutions

Board Governance Solutions That Improve Board Performance

Outstanding Resource to Improve Board Governance and Leadership Development for Private Schools and Non-Profits

Through our highly effective board governance workshop and services, Halladay Education Group (HEG) enables your organization to fulfill its mission and vision by helping to build effective, tailor-made board governance solutions. HEG provides resources to non-profit leaders through workshops and training, with governance consultants that work directly with the school and non-profit leaders to develop customized solutions to address your organization's unique issues.

HEG offers tailor-made board governance consulting services to non-profit Boards and school leaders, including:

  • Self assessments for boards
  • Team-building workshops
  • Orientations for new board members
  • Development of strategic planning
  • Board restructuring
  • Board-Head of School relationship development

Our customized consulting services allow your board of governors to seriously review your current situation, rethink your current governance process, take on difficult issues, develop teamwork, and improve your overall performance. HEG performs a summative assessment based on your mission-vision-values-philosophy, strategic plan and related goals and objectives, and the maturity of your organization to evolve a governance model that suits your school's current situation.

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To find out more about how we can help you to improve your board governance performance, please click here to see which service will help your school. We look forward to learning more about your institution and helping to make your goals a reality. Don’t wait…let’s make it happen!! Please call me at +1-800-687-1492 or email us at to take the next step.