Head of School Evaluation & Coaching Support

Head Of School Evaluation & Coaching Consulting Services

Is your Board Handicapped in Accurately Gauging your Head of School's Effectiveness? Do you need an Evaluation and Support System to assess and support your Head of School?

There are probably as many Heads of Schools who do not receive formal evaluation by their Boards as those who do. And some boards actually consider the renewal of the Head's contract without having provided the Head with an annual written evaluation. These boards have not learned how honest and supportive feedback can improve the Head's effectiveness, and with it the school's chances for personnel and enrollment stability, and growth. Without setting achievable goals for the Head and school, and evaluating the school's leader to measure advancement against specific benchmarks, Boards are handicapped in accurately gaging the head's effectiveness and the school's needs.

When it comes to Head of School Evaluation, Boards often take two approaches:

  1. Avoid it altogether ("Everything's just fine, so why take on another bureaucratic activity?"), or
  2. Distribute ratings forms, tally the results, and then meet with the Head to "make a few suggestions."

Neither approach is truly effective! For the strategic Board to guard and support the school's strategic future and support the Head as the school leader, evaluating the Head of School must be linked with the school's strategic direction. This is best accomplished with the Board's Head Support and Evaluation Committee.

HEG's Head of School Online Evaluation Tool

HEG's Head of School Online Evaluation Tool is designed for use by School Heads working with the Head Support and Evaluation Committee. Working through the instrument results in a set of clear objectives, ways to carry them out, and an understanding of the kind of support the Head needs to be successful.

Halladay Education Group's extensive consulting work with governing Boards has provided us with opportunities to identify models in which schools effectively utilize an evaluation of the Head to maintain a healthy dialog. In this area so critical to leadership and governance, HEG provides a menu of ideas and tools to assist in creating healthy Board/Head partnerships.
Mentoring Heads and Leadership Transitions

Heads of School, who are new to the career or have moved from one headship to another, often need the outside perspective provided by a consulting firm that can help view issues in ways that are supportive of both the Head and the school.

Eighty percent of all Heads of Schools are fired; they do not leave of their own volition. Yet, it is the longevity of a Head that usually determines that person's effective and long-term contributions and that of the school.

A new Head faces a variety of demands from the Board, the faculty, the parents and the students. Heads new to a school need to be very careful about managing the pace of change in a way that does not harm the school's climate, faculty morale or the school culture. Sudden changes can undermine the new head's credibility and legitimacy.

Even experienced Heads who move into a new environment may find themselves surprised by a different set of personalities, circumstances and political history that can blindside even the most experienced leader.

Benefit To You

Halladay Education Group provides assistance to Heads who are new to the profession or in a new setting. Our work in this area requires an on-site visit, as well as short- and long-term retainers.

Next Step

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