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Workshop & Client Testimonials Regarding HEG's Private School Consulting Services

“Clear, incisive, thoughtful and educational –- lots of really structured information for non-profits. I would absolutely recommend that organizations with concerns about board development and organizational capacity building take the opportunity to attend the workshop. It was an exceptional learning outcome.”
- John Rice, District of North Vancouver, North Vancouver, BC

“An invaluable resource and much needed first step”
- Caroline Farquhar, Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists, Vancouver, BC

“I learned a lot that I wish I knew several committees ago”
- Monica Craver (Municipal Citizens Advisory Committee)

“I would recommend this workshop. It demonstrated the importance of strategic planning and how to implement with the CEO and Board an effective working relationship…10 out of 10!”
- Peggy Heywood, North Vancouver Arts Council, Vancouver, BC

“Very well presented, clear, useful information”
- Janet Moi, North Vancouver Community Arts Council, North Vancouver, BC

"Informative. Professional. Interactive. Relevant to current issues and help to focus on goals as a school community."
- Gilda Couto, Vice-Principal, Oxford Academy, Toronto, ON

"These sessions answered several of the questions, and raised many others, about what's next for us. Offered invaluable information for development of school community. Lots of ideas for base work needed at this time. Inspired to move forward in several areas."
- Susan Brown, Lifesong School, Vancouver, BC

"I have found Doug to be a very energetic and driven individual and one whom he would describe as pro-active in terms of initiative, inventiveness and enthusiasm."
- Robert Mostar, Former Chair, Fraser Academy, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Doug quickly evolved a strategic plan in collaboration with the school's board. The plan reaffirmed the long history of Queen Margaret's as a fine girls' preparatory school but created a new emphasis on the education of the whole student: scholastics, the arts, athletics and citizenship. The strategic plan also addressed the school's finances and upon the basis of related business models, a whole new approach to setting tuition fees was evolved...Doug is a skilled marketer and has a creative eye for the design of collateral materials. He implemented a whole new look to the school's advertisements for Queen Margaret's, and he modernized the school's logo and word mark."
- Mark Moore, Administrative Officer, Queen Margaret's School, Duncan, BC, Canada

"I have been impressed with Mr. Halladay's ability to lead and manage a variety of projects, which have highlighted his outstanding organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills...One project in particular illustrated his ability to effectively co-ordinate a variety of educational partners, including industry, business, post secondary, and community organizations. Through his experiences at the Ministry, Mr. Halladay has demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the K to 12 Education Plan and current issues...Mr. Halladay is a hardworking, articulate professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending him."
- Sam Lim, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education, BC, Canada

"Mr. Halladay has a broad and successful background in developing curricula and policy initiatives, where he has demonstrated his strong organizational and management skills. He continually balances several complex projects, and successfully delivers on-time and under-budget."
- Dave Williams, Director, Curriculum and Resources Branch, Ministry of Education, BC, Canada

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