Strategic Planning For Private Schools

Strategic Planning for Private Schools, Non-Profits, or School Districts

HEG's core consulting strength is work closely with Non-Profits or school leaders to develop school-wide strategic plan to support short - and long-term improvement.

We recognize that developing a system-wide strategic plan is a complex and difficult challenge, often met with substantial political and bureaucratic resistance. However, three decades of experience working with schools world-wide confirms that successful school reform and lasting improvement in school and student performance is more likely to occur in schools and districts that have made a deep commitment to system-wide strategic planning improvement and implementation.

HEG's strategic planning services begins with creating strong and trusting relationships with the leadership of the school and its communities. The most successful reform strategies and strategic plans are those that emerge from a collaborative analysis process between the organization and HEG, involving multiple stakeholders and viewpoints. The final goal of this process is a joint strategic plan and action plan that meets the unique situational needs of the client's school and stakeholders.

HEG draws upon a deep reservoir of strategic planning research and best-practice knowledge to guide improvements that are customized and tailored to the context of the school and its students. Using our exclusive strategic planning process and experience, HEG ensures the development of a strategic plan that is:   

  • Fully supported at all levels of leadership
  • Flexible and fits the organization and is user friendly
  • Participatory and not left to planners, where everyone plans
  • Clearly defines responsibilities, scope of the project, and timelines
  • Realistic about goals, objectives, and resources, and not too ambitious
  • Ensures accountability for results and performance indicators
  • Fresh and continuous, not stale and static
  • Convincing and compelling
  • Fully participatory, and capitalizes on the reciprocity between stakeholders
  • Strategic and operational
  • Based on total-gain decision making,where no one suffers loss
  • Student-focused, with all decisions made in the best interest of the student
  • Focused on Implementation
  • Results-based and immediately translatable into school and department plans

Generally accepted as a premier strategic planning firm, HEG guarantees each district a unique, customized strategic plan that exceeds the expectations of all involved. Both the process and discipline are always tailored to the organization's existing circumstances and conditions.

Next Step

To find out more about how we can help you, with the development of a strategic plan, please click here to see which service will help your school. We look forward to learning more about your institution and helping to make your goals a reality with an effective strategic plan. Please contact HEG at +1-800-687-1492 or email us at to take the next step.