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Halladay Education Group (HEG) is an international Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) consulting and advisory firm. HEG focuses exclusively on investments in the private school sector; advising school owners regarding the sale of their private school. HEG is one of the most active M&A consulting firms in the private school sector with significant experience concerning the sale of:

Additionally, HEG is an international educational consulting firm providing solutions for private K-12 schools, colleges, businesses, and non-profits globally. HEG has a reputation for the highest quality of work in the private education sector. HEG’s team of internationally recognized educational professionals and business specialists work world-wide with schools and business owners regarding the sale, start-up, operation, management, and/or improvement of their private school. Our team has developed more than 100 private schools internationally and provides customized ‘turn-key’ services for new and established school development. Furthermore, HEG works with school owners and buyers from across the USA, Canada, and internationally regarding the sale of their educational institution – be it a boarding school, K-12 school, career college, or language school.



Our Company

Halladay Education Group (HEG) is an international consulting firm that works with clients world-wide and specializes in private school development with services in:
  1. Mergers, new branch school set-ups, joint ventures; and the sale of private schools in the USA and Canada;
  2. Improved school management/operations (Governance, Strategic Planning, Evaluation, Leadership Development, etc.), and;
  3. School formation and program expansion.
You can download PDF copies of our firm's school formation and management/operation services by clicking on the following links: Starting A School Brochure and Private School Operation and Management Brochure. Additionally, click here to take a look at recent work with clients that we've worked with in the United States, Canada, and internationally. HEG’s team of internationally recognized educational leaders and business professionals are experienced in selling, starting, managing, and improving private schools globally. Our team has developed +100 schools internationally and provide customized ‘turn-key’ services for new and established K-12 and post secondary school development. Areas of our expertise include:

What people are saying

Pleased with the professionalism of HEG’s consultants and quality of work delivered...

Our project is the start-up of a new PreK-12 International Baccalaureate School in the city of Panama. HEG was hired by our group to carry out the Feasibility Study and Business Plan, which included the analysis of local market to set up the school, analysis of market demand based on the study's results, financial projections of the operation for a 10-year period, plus activities required to prepare the new school for operation. The feasibility study included guidance regarding our school's mission / vision statements, educational philosophy,  HR requirements, organizational structure, etc. The final deliverable was a very complete report that covered all aspects of new school development requirements, which was at an extremely high level of quality for presentation to banks, investors, etc. Our group was very pleased with the professionalism of HEG’s consultants and quality of work delivered. The feasibility study stage required HEG's team to travel to Panama – where we had very productive work sessions and were fortunate to have a good working relation with HEG. In addition to their visits, we had regularly scheduled teleconferences as the study advanced. We feel that the investment was worthwhile as we were able to receive guidance and advice from experts in the field, including people who have started and owned their own schools. The final-product has been very valuable to our group. The study and business plan developed provided us additional credibility, given HEG’s extensive experience with top quality schools internationally. In a nutshell, when we sit down to present our project to financial advisors and developers, they immediately conclude that we have done our homework, and thus our project has moved forward swiftly. I would definitely recommend HEG without hesitation. Their expertise in planning and managing top international private schools is very valuable when sitting down to define what your projects needs are, especially in the financial aspects of the operation.

Founding Director, The Metropolitan School of Panama, Panama

HEG Is Flexible And A Joy To Work With...

The Halladay Education Group is a very professional team that brings a myriad of talents to private schools and are quite focused and results driven. They work efficiently and are task-driven. As a start-up school we have so many items in our punch-list to complete and Doug and the HEG team came in and helped us with almost every aspect of the operations in a very short time frame. They are flexible and a joy to work with. I would recommend them to any group that wants to start a world-class international school or improve their performance of your established private school.

Dr. Jorge Nelson, Headmaster, Chadwick International School Songdo, Korea

HEG's Experience And Expertise Has Been Invaluable...

Harbert Hills Academy retained Doug Halladay, of Halladay Education Group, to assist us with developing a five year strategic plan. Mr. Halladay met on site with us on three different occasions over a period of four months. During these sessions Mr. Halladay led us through the process of determining where we were and where we wanted to be and then assisted us with developing appropriate goals, objectives, and actions plans. The timelines developed in the beginning of the process have been met in each case. Mr. Halladay's experience and expertise have been invaluable in helping us to complete our Strategic Plan. He was sensitive to our unique philosophy and needs and worked well with our diverse constituency. I highly recommend Mr. Halladay and his firm Halladay Education Group.

Steve Dickman, President, Harbert Hills Academy, Tennessee

Our Clients

HEG brings decades of proven consulting experience with the sale & overall improvement of operations & management of schools world-wide. We work with school & business owners & buyers globally regarding start-up, oversight, & sale of private schools. Our clients are based in US, Canada, & Internationally & we're experienced leading major international projects up to $150m. Included below is a brief list of our recent clients: