Fully-Accredited Traditional Chinese Medicine Canadian Career College For Sale (No 1075)

Price: Contact HEG For Price
Revenue: Forecast At $2m
Enrollment: Forecast At +160 Students
Net Profit: Forecast At $500K
Availability Date: 08/16/2015
  • Facilities include approx. 20,000 ft2 of custom designed leased space (classrooms, computer room, teacher’s room, office space for receptionists and administration, clinic, etc.)
  • Canada’s Leading Institution For Holistic & Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Fully-Accredited & Eligible For Student Financial Aid
  • Offers Programs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spa Therapy, Esthetician, & Massage.
  • Holistic Healing Clinic specializing in TCM, acupuncture, & other natural health treatments that is open to public.
  • Approved To Recruit International Students to program.

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