Canadian Traditional Chinese Medical College For Sale (No 1075)

Our client owns a successful, fully-accredited Canadian Traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM") Medical Career College specializing in the popular oriental medicine and alternative health treatment. It's recognized internationally for its high quality TCM and alternative health care programs and is fully-accredited provincially and designated as an eligible institution under the Canada Student Loans Act. Additionally, its TCM program follows regulations established by the educational by-laws of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists.

The college proudly serves a multi-cultural community by providing access to high quality training and clinical treatments in holistic medicine and other forms of alternative health care, and the TCM curriculum is similar to programs offered at TCM training universities in China. The school's central location and excellent transit access positions it for further growth in its market, along with increased profitability and growth in enrollment as a result of their strategic initiatives in business development focused on the local and international market. The school is forecasting $2m revenue and $500k EBITDA for 2017 and an increase in profits y-o-y by 12%. Overall, the school is in solid shape for medium- and long-term growth and profitability.

Key Features Include:

  • Canada's Leading College For Holistic & Traditional Chinese Medicine.Fully-Accredited & Eligible For Student Financial Aid.
  • Offers Diploma Programs in TCM & Oriental Medicine & alternative health treatment that surpass degree level standards set by Min. of Ed.
  • Successful Holistic Healing Clinic open to public specializing in TCM, acupuncture, & natural health treatments.
  • Approved To Recruit International Students.
  • Projected Profits to reach $2m revenue & $500k EBITDA by 2017.
  • Foundation Established For Continued Growth in enrollment, revenues, & profits, with margins forecast to increase by 12% y-o-y.
  • Untarnished Brand in Holistic Medicine & TCM education.
  • Central Location & Excellent Transit Access positions school for growth.

Next Step

Douglas, contact HEG if you'd like to know more about the college. Please refer to School No. 1075 in your communications with HEG directly by email or calling HEG directly at +1.604.868.0002.

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