Fully Accredited Canadian Language School Located In Major Market For Sale (No. 1057)

Our client owns a recently accredited language school in a major Canadian market with national & provincial accreditation & expanded acceptance of international students. It is also a Designated Learning Institute by Immigration Canada & meets all provincial Immigration Canada requirements. This means with a letter of acceptance issued by the school, students can apply for a Study Permit from Immigration Canada & study in Canada.

The campus is located in an excellent downtown location with high visibility & traffic flow in modern & spacious facility within walking distance to a variety of restaurants, shopping malls, transportation, & cultural sights. One of school’s main attractions is the internationally recognized courses they offer. For those who are looking to study at an English-speaking university, they offer TOEFL & IELTS courses with experienced instructors. For business students, they offer intensive ESL for business classes. Their popular premium intensive English program helps students to improve all aspects of their English.

Through its recently received Provincial accreditation, the school is conservatively projected to increase revenue to $600,000 & adjusted EBITDA of $90,000 in 2016 & revenue of $700,000 & $90,000 EBITDA in 2017. Overall, the school is in extra-ordinary shape for short-, medium, & long-term growth & profitability while building on recently received accreditation. Current ownership has positioned the school to maximize profits & revenue growth.


  • Newly Received Provincial & National Accreditation status in major Canadian market & expanded acceptance of international students.
  • Increased Profits to reach $600K revenue & $90K EBITDA in 2016 & forecast to reach $700K revenue & $100K EBITDA in 2017.
  • Excellent Downtown Location with high visibility & traffic flow in modern & spacious facility.
  • Reputable Name & Brand in North American language school industry.
  • Turnkey Management in place to support ongoing daily operations.
  • Ownership Positioned School to Maximize Profits & continued growth with recent accreditation.

Next Step

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