Premium Canadian Language School In Prime Market For Sale (No. 1888)

Our client owns and operates one of Canada's premium language school in a high profile Canadian market and offers a variety of highly popular English courses for all levels. It has national and provincial accreditation that is recognized internationally and meets all Immigration Canada requirements. This means with a Letter of Acceptance issued by the school, students can apply for a Study Permit to learn in Canada. Buying a school with these certifications and popular Pathway Programs means you own one of the top language schools not only in Canada, but North America. The school is conservatively projected to reach +$4.7 million in revenue and adjusted EBITDA of $830,000 (After $300K lease) in 2015 with stable growth in profits and enrollment year-on-year at +18%. Current ownership has positioned their school to maximize profits for years to come on a turn-key basis.

Key Features Include:

  • Fully Accredited Canadian Language School in coveted market.
  • Extremely Profitable & Efficient Operation with consistent margins & enrollment growth averaging +18% growth over the last 5 years.
  • 2015 Financial Forecast at +$4.7m revenue & adjusted EBITDA of +$830K (After $300K lease exp.).
  • Popular Pathways Programs with highly regarded Canadian Universities.
  • Purpose-Built Facilities with high end amenities.
  • Turnkey Management Team already in place.
  • Reputable Name & Brand in North American language school industry.
  • School Positioned To Maximize Profits & Revenue Growth for years to come.

The school is recognized as one of the premium private language schools in the North American market and positioned for continued growth leveraging its quality programming and highly efficient turn-key operations. Everything is in place for new ownership to take the school to the next level and benefit from an exceptional turn-key operation with full accreditation and continued y-o-y enrollment growth and profits. 

Next Step

Contact HEG if you'd like to know more about the school. This is a highly coveted and limited opportunity in a high demand market. Please refer to School No. 1888 in your communications with HEG directly by email or calling HEG directly at +1.604.868.0002.

If you're considering the sale of your own school (be it for-profit or non-profit) and would like to know more about how our firm could be of assistance, please send a confidential email directly to our President, Douglas Halladay.  

To your success,

Douglas Halladay
Halladay Education Group