Step 3 - Formation Implementation

Preparing Your School For Opening Day

Step 3 puts into action the careful preplanning completed in the earlier stages. The formation implementation stages sets into action the key tasks involved in preparing your school operation and opening day. This phase can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months depending on the scale of your project and whether you are going to build new facilities or renovate existing facilities.

HEG will provide an experienced team to complete the scope of deliverables listed below. This is based on the premise that the founders will provide sufficient on-site staff to support and coordinate with HEG the development of the school during the pre-operation phase. This team-based approach keeps costs down and ensures a seamless and coordinated development process. A team is mobilized on site approximately 12 months prior to opening day.  This planning team will work with HEG’s  staff and consultants to complete the needed activities to ensure that the school is fully prepared and ready for opening day.

There are typically five project groups involved in opening the school:

  1. HEG’s Team;
  2. Client-Based On-site Team;
  3. School-Based Team;
  4. Board of Directors; and
  5. Third Party Contractors.

HEG’s team will provide the central services to lead the formation process, while coordinating with the Client-based team(s) during the pre-operation phase. Additionally, HEG will share a portfolio of third party professionals that may to be engaged by the Client to support the development of the school, including functions such as, but not limited to: local regulatory authorities, legal, architectural, publication design/printing, web design/hosting, procurement, I.T., etc. However, there may also be locally-based third party contractors that the Client may wish to retain as an alternative. The list of participants below is provided for informational and reference purposes only. There may be other start-up responsibilities that are locally unique to your project that cannot be identified until HEG has fully discussed the scope of the project with the Client and completed the Market Study and Business Plan.

  1. HEG Team: Provision of school formation professionals as determined by HEG
  2. Site-Based Team: Project Manager, Assistant, Government Liaison/Local Business Knowledge Officer
  3. School-Based Team: Head of School, Business Manager, Receptionist, Director of Admissions, Director of Curriculum, Administration, Payroll/Benefits
  4. Third Parties & Regional Professionals: Construction, I.T. Technician, Legal, Architectural, Publication Design, Web Design, Printing, Procurement
  5. Board of Directors: Chair, Directors, Designate

Comprehensive School Formation Services

The services listed below identify the key deliverables that HEG will provide to develop your school during the formation implementation stage. In most cases, HEG will directly guide the process. However, to keeps costs down and ensure a seamless development, HEG will also work hand-in-hand with the Client-based and school-based teams; based on location, costs, timeliness, and/or expertise. This approach ensures that related teams have input into key stages of development. This is not to avoid responsibility, but rather to build ownership and maximize the capacity of the personnel and preparation for the operation phase. Provided below are the deliverables and tasks that HEG will complete with the aforementioned teams:

  • Financial Oversight
  • Site/Facility Planning and Procurement (For New Facility)
  • Corporate Governance and Regulatory Standards
  • Strategic Plan
  • Regulatory Standards
  • Human Resources and Recruitment Management
  • Marketing, Promotion, and Enrollment
  • Curriculum, Programming, And Learning Management
  • Student Management and Infrastructure

Next Step

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