Step 4 - Operation & Management

Experienced Private School Operation & Management Specialists

HEG and our experienced team are well suited and experienced to lead the operation and management of private schools world-wide. By utilizing our quality controls or in-depth experience managing world-class schools, we ensure proper planning, development, and operation of your institution, delivery of a first-class curriculum, and assurance your school will provide sustainable returns for your investor(s). HEG adds value to your school through professional, ongoing attention to the successful operation of your schools. HEG monitors the operation of the school, assesses the quality of personnel, determines success of the curriculum, and plans for growth through additional grade levels needed. The HEG management team is a turn-key service that provides comprehensive management solutions in the private school market segment.

HEG is positioned to provide complete oversight for the operation/management of a private school (be it new or established) on behalf of the ownership group (be it non-profit or for-profit), as well as representation with Departments of Education and/or Accreditation Organizations. Our ongoing services include the phased-in development of the school as grades are added year-by-year until the school is fully enrolled at the maximum grade level and class sizes. Listed below are HEG’s customizable deliverables for the complete oversight of the operation/management of the school, assessing and monitoring quality of educational programming, overseeing accreditation, and additional grades/programs as the school develops. Our services include:

  • Liaise with Ministry of Education representatives and other authorities to ensure the school meets licensing requirements.
  • Consult with the Board Directors to build an effective framework for Board leadership and to keep them informed of school performance benchmarks.
  • Oversight for the development of the school’s strategic plan and annual operational plan.
  • Ongoing national and international accreditation preparation.
  • Development and oversight of the annual administrative goals.
  • Develop and/or monitor staff professional development, hiring, HR policies, and retention.
  • Oversee staff in charge of marketing/communications and recruiting plan.
  • Supervise and support Head of School with an annual review and coaching;
  • Preparation for annual operating budget and audit, financial reporting, and audits.
  • Prepare and monitor the annual operational budget and five-year financial plan.
  • Monitor academic performance of the school and educational programming
  • Ongoing school improvement monitoring and planning.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Update policy manuals, including students and staff.
  • Support the Head of School with the hiring of administration and faculty.
  • Monitor school facilities and grounds and capital improvements and oversee improvements as needed.
  • Monitor ongoing long-term school improvement plans.
  • Monitor the acquisition of learning resources and/or equipment as needed.
  • Parent and Community Relationship Management.

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